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Sandy’s practice playlist

At the end of a lesson with Daniel el latigo Ponce I asked Sandy — tanguera, friend, and sometimes mentor on tango and español — about music to practice to. As soon as I got back to Austin I found this nice list (see below) waiting in my email. Thank you, Sandy!

My main teacher, Daniela, and others have advised: in your practice, work with a single song for a while. Try different interpretations with your dancing. Work to perfect the things you like. You will come to know the song and own in it your repertoire. (Not by any means to say that you are creating a set choreography for it, everything may change depending on compañera, milonga compañeros, your mood that particular night, and so on.)

Two places that have helped me in musical knowledge and material:

Mandrágora Tango
ToTango Restorations

The list

Milongas (faster):
Flor De Montserrat
Ella Es Asi
Milonga Brava
Milonga del Recuerdo

Milongas (slower):
Silueta Portena
Milonga Sentimental
Milonga Criolla
Milonga del 900
De Pura Cepa

Tangos (slower):
Anything by Pugliese – Chique, Nochero Soy, La Bordona, Pata Ancha, Si Sos Brujo, etc.
Indio Manso
A La Gran Muneca
Fueron Tres Anos
Fumando Espero
Tigre Viejo

Tangos (faster):
Loca de Amor (Juan D’Arienzo version – not to be confused with a waltz – see link for the version)
Vida Mia (Fresedo)
Racing Club
Alas Rotas
Sin Sabor
El Flete

Good valses to become familiar with:
Viejo Porton
Palomita Blanca
Ronda Del Querer
Desde El Alma
Sonar Y Nada Mas