I am an over-65 social dancer in Austin, Texas who, from a background of ballroom (American style smooth and Latin) and swing (East and West Coast), plus a sampling of many different styles and types of dances (ballet, modern, African, flamenco, International, salsa, blues, …) have come lately to the Argentine tango party.

Ben Sargent caricature of David

Caricature of Dancing David by Austin American-Statesman Pulitzer-Prize winning cartoonist Ben Sargent

I started dancing in the early 1980s, with long, long layoffs for computer technology businesses and computer software design and programming. With recent mostly retirement I’ve begun (August 2011) to focus on Argentine tango (with other dances thrown in when interesting opportunities arise).

This April 2013 I’ve decided to work on taking my tango dancing to a new level. I’ve studied so much and have amassed so much learning material and notes, that it is high time to begin systematically studying, organizing, analyzing, and most importantly – practicing what I’ve learned. Furthermore, I feel that I’ve studied so much different dance, and some about teaching and learning, that perhaps I might be able to contribute in some minor way to making the notoriously difficult and time consuming process of learning Argentine tango somewhat easier and faster.

This website, Tangolio.com, will become my olla podrida of Argentine tango, en la mayor parte made up of my notes, thoughts, and ideas on learning and practicing the dance, y tal vez spiced occasionally with other observations. As I learn, practice, and cogitate on tango, I will blog about exercises, things I’ve learned about learning and tango, and ideas I have about dance and improvement.

Felices caminar!